Maximizing crop productivity requires precision crop management throughout the season – from planting until harvest. Precision crop management relates to precise application of products at the right rate, at the right place and at the right time during the season. It also involves utilizing different techniques such as remote sensing or crop/soil sensors to inform timely and site-specific application of nutrients, crop protection products, plant growth regulators and/or harvest aids. The availability of precision technologies on application equipment paired with high-resolution in-season satellite/UAS imagery and advanced sensors have greatly improved the capabilities for precision management of crops today. 

Our programs’ research focuses on different aspects of precision management in row-crops, mainly corn, cotton and peanut. Some of the ongoing projects in this area are:

  • Comparative performance of high-resolution UAS imagery and real-time sensor-based site-specific weed management in row-crops
  • Utilizing in-season satellite imagery to guide site-specific PGR applications in cotton
  • Exploring the potential of different soil and crop spatial properties to inform in-season fertilizer applications in row crops
  • Evaluating different in-season fertilizer placement methods (nitrogen and potassium) in corn and cotton
  • In-season application of crop protection products (fungicides and insecticides) using UAS sprayers in corn, cotton and peanut