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The UGA Digital Ag program focuses on integrating and leveraging the capabilities of precision agriculture, digital technologies and data science to improve agricultural efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Our goal is to share research-based information on ag technology and data utilization that enables more precision and data-driven decisions on the farms.

Extension Precision Ag Blog

  • Losses during peanut harvest are common and can be caused by improper setup, operation and/or performance of the harvest equipment. Some losses can also be attributed to the field and crop conditions at harvest. Excessive losses can significantly reduce peanut yields and profits if not managed or reduced during harvest. While harvest losses cannot be […]Read More
  • With increased availability and interest in spray drones recently, we are starting to see more people getting into the spray drone application business as well as growers who are interested to learn more about the technology and its application capabilities. The wet weather during months of May and June across much of the southeastern US […]Read More