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The UGA Digital Ag program focuses on integrating and leveraging the capabilities of precision agriculture, digital technologies and data science to improve agricultural efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Our goal is to share research-based information on ag technology and data utilization that enables more precision and data-driven decisions on the farms.

Extension Precision Ag Blog

  • Below are some useful formulas to determine seeding rate, seed spacing, number of seeds per foot or assess emerged plant population based on stand counts in certain length of the row. Alternatively, the tables provided below can be used to determine seeding rate based on seed spacing or assess plant population based on number of […]Read More
  • It’s not hard to miss large fertilizer spreaders on the roads or in the fields at this time of the year which means the current crop season is officially here, and that the lime and fertilizer applications will be in full swing from now until planting. These large self-propelled spinner-spreaders have become more common over […]Read More