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The UGA Digital Ag program focuses on integrating and leveraging the capabilities of precision agriculture, digital technologies and data science to improve agricultural efficiency, productivity and sustainability.

Our goal is to share research-based information on ag technology and data utilization that enables more precision and data-driven decisions on the farms.

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Extension Precision Ag Blog

  • Broadcast spinner spreaders are one of the most common and widely used application equipment for lime and granular fertilizer. The importance of proper spreader calibration for accurate fertilizer applications has been emphasized many times and it is always good to see growers putting the time and effort into performing a calibration on their spreaders. However, […]Read More
  • With corn planting underway in some parts of the state, the 2023 planting season is officially here and will be in full swing over the new few weeks. That also means if you have not already, this is the perfect time to perform a thorough inspection and get that planter ready for the field. During […]Read More