The University of Georgia Extension has a strong county delivery system where an Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) agent is located in each county within the state. To prepare ANR Extension agents to effectively assist their clientele with any precision agriculture needs, in-service trainings are one of the important Extension programming efforts to educate and train them on different topics related to machinery systems, agricultural technologies and agricultural data management. Besides traditional classroom learning, these trainings also provide an opportunity to the agents to get a hands-on experience with setup, operation and benefits of different technologies available on agricultural equipment and machinery today. These trainings are offered regularly to agents throughout the year and also as-needed to cover any specific equipment and technology information during the growing season.

Some of the topics that have been or are covered regularly in these trainings are:

  • GPS guidance systems and benefits
  • Setup and operation of different GPS guidance systems
  • Spinner-disc broadcast spreader setup and calibration
  • Precision soil sampling considerations
  • Variable-rate technologies for site-specific nutrient management
  • Planter setup and considerations for row-crops
  • Planting technologies for precision seed metering and placement
  • Sprayer setup and nozzle selection for pesticide applications
  • Spray technologies for precision rate and droplet size control
  • Drone applications and considerations for use in agriculture
  • Harvest equipment setup and preparation
  • Yield monitoring and mapping technologies
  • Ag data management and analysis using different FMIS software’s